Mommy I have Cancer is a 501c3 non-profit that brings free, 1-on-1, online tutoring for kids with cancer in Alabama, Anytime, anywhere tutoring support.

The central nervous system treatments for cancer can lead to significant cognitive impairments and learning issues in kids with cancer.

High-Impact Tutoring closes the learning gap with on-demand tutoring and targeted tutoring sessions based on learning plans individually tailored to each student’s needs.

Homework Help

Students connect instantly with a live, online tutor from any desktop or mobile device for help with homework and test preparation. Improve student confidence and engagement and identify areas requiring additional attention.

Mommy I have Cancer Tutoring

Everyone is unique, so we offer a targeted and customizable experience personalized to you and your child’s needs.

Mommy I have Cancer help provides support to kids during cancer treatment.

We help them catch up should they get behind in a subject.
We help bring a sense of normalcy back into their lives.
If a child is having academic problems mommy I have cancer make sure we catch them up in whatever area they are Struggling, after treatment, patients may experience symptoms that could impact learning. Please sign waiver.

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Virtual Volunteer Tutoring Application
Madison City Schools After School Sustained Tutoring Program Invitation ~Math~

Dr. Victoria Pierrie

Dedicated Educators

“Mommy I Have Cancer program focused on teaching the total child with the belief that all students can learn through planned innovative and individualized instruction. Our educators are masters of their craft and have a commitment to providing quality instruction to students in grades Kindergarten through 12 Grade. We never stop improving, and will continue to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve our students and families.”

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